August in Munich

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Summer 2017 definitely was one of the busiest in my life. The month of June I spent doing my summer course in the Art of Storytelling at uni; July completing my internship; and finally my August was all chill and fun, so I booked myself a ticket to Munich and went there all alone to finally enjoy summer vacation. Well, almost. I actually had my camera with me, which was there to capture Bavarian urban life.

I eventually forgot about these pictires because of how busy my last semester was. It was my last one so I was focusing more on my classes than my hobbies/passions (creative writing and photography), but it’s better late than never, right?

Hope to be back here with some new travel photos or a new story of mine soon.

Love Leila.


Ready for Summer

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(SheIn playsuit, Michael Kors watch)

Few days ago I received an amazing parcel from . “And what was inside that parcel?” one might ask. Well, it was this floral summer playsuit that makes me want summer even more now. I can already see myself out and about in Prague (or whatever else I might go this summer), styling this playsuit with some accessories – a purse, sandals, sunglasses and maybe a hat? Anyways, I couldn’t wait anymore and wanted to show you this new feminine thing in my closet as soon as I possibly could. So here it is.

If you feel the summer vibes already and want to buy this same playsuit for yourself, just click here.

Let your May days be awesome!

Love, Leila.

What You Imagine, You Create

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(Zara top, Stradivarius ripped jeans, Accessorize bag, Zara heels, Michael Kors watch)

Once in a while, you may feel upset or lost, but guess what? That is fine. I could even tell you that it is somehow healthy for your soul to feel the things, whether they make you extremely sad or astonishingly happy. Let all those feelings in and don’t try to run from them or from your thoughts. Let your soul become what it was meant to be, even if you are scared to death, still don’t be afraid to bloom.

Be courageous enough to try new things, to let your old habits go, to look for the things that make you feel alive and make your life worth living. Promise me to let all your fears go and to follow your heart, to do all that it takes to get where you see yourself and where you know you truly belong. Make art and be creative, because this is the only way your mind, soul and body will be in piece.

We Are All Mad Here

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(H&M jumpsuit, Michael Kors watch, Primark bag, Aldo sandals)

Can you believe that summer is almost over? Obviously, it is the beginning of fall according to the calendar, but we still can enjoy the summer weather and dress weather appropriately. So thinking that pretty soon I’ll need to stop wearing dresses and jumpsuits and by that open The Sweater Weather Season is kinda sad for me. But then again, aren’t sweaters the reason to love fall and winter?

My advice for you, my reader, enjoy the hot and sunny weather while you still can, unless you live in the place where there is ALWAYS a Summertime (which I’m pretty jealous about, jk), then you’re lucky enough not to think about sweaters and the end of the most magical season. :)

Love, Leila.