LM Book Club #2

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“Hello. It’s Me”.

I think, this is how I should probably start this post as it’s been a while since the last time that I updated my blog. Nevertheless, I’m back with the 2nd part of LM Book Club.

This time I have a special fashion book to write about. It’s “How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are”. Some of you either have already read it or have definitely heard of it before. But as I promised myself to share books worth reading here, on my blog, I couldn’t help but write about this book as well.

When I say that this book is such a great source of inspiration, trust me, I really mean it. If you have always admired the style of Parisian ladies or just Paris in general (just like me), then this book will 100 % become one of your favorite ones. Of course, you shouldn’t expect anything more than self-irony from cool-ass stylish French women, but they are so good with explaining all the details of French style, and lifestyle in general, through this ironic way of writing, that you will have the time of your life while reading it. Not to mention the visual part of the book – all the pictures there are just MAGNIFIQUE .


Hope that now you will finally decide to grab your copy of “How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are”. Because after doing so, you’ll get that sense of French style, that will guide you in this crazy world of fast-changing fashion trends.

Love, Leila.


LM Book Club #1

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One of this year’s resolutions of mine was to read more this year. Another one was to write more. And as in January & in the beginning of February I managed to read 3 books, and I’m currently reading the 4th one in this year’s list of Books I’ve Read, I thought it might be good to mix those two resolutions and to start new series on my blog – LM Book Club.

The idea of this Book Club is just to share with you my reviews on books I’ve read to share with you. I hope it might be helpful and fascinating for all the booklovers reading my blog.

With that being said, I think it’s time to share 3 first books I have for you. Shall we begin?


Kurban Said “The Girl From The Golden Horn” was the first book of the year for me, and as I came to buy “Ali & Nino” by the same author (read more below), I left with two books instead. I could not resist buying this one, simply because as I started reading it in a book store I could not stop. The story of Asiadeh Anbari, daughter of Turkish pasha that had to move to Berlin after WWI and the collapse of Ottoman Empire. Eventually she meets her future husband Dr. Hassa, Viennese doctor, but if you think that this is the end of a story, you are wrong, my friends, it is only a beginning and gets more interesting.

For me it was just a reminder of how I felt when I just moved to Prague, so I saw myself in Asiadeh, but the ending of the book made me realize that probably I, unlike her, could adopt the European mentality, and wouldn’t do what she had done.

Nevertheless, this book is a good read for romantic young ladies, especially for those who are interested in Turkey’s culture and history.


Kurban Said “Ali and Nino”. Finally the day has come and I got myself a book that I desired for many years, but could not find it anywhere. But as I do believe in the law of attraction, it worked once again and I found Ali & Nino in a book store in Almaty back in the beginning of January.

This love story about Azerbaijani boy Ali and Georgian girl Nino who fall in love with each other (of course), but as it is a significant part of the book, the most important idea of it is how Said could show the relations of different ethnicities living in the Caucasus region during the Russian Empire’s times and right before the Bolsheviks came to power. This story represents how Azerbaijanis proclaimed an independence of Azerbaijan, and how they lost it. But, as we know from today’s history, Azerbaijan got its independence back in 1991, after 71 years of Soviet occupation. Frankly, it became a very personal book for me, as I am half Azeri, I always try to know more about my Dad’s national culture, heritage, history. This book indeed was the perfect one for me.


F. Scott Fitzgerald “The Great Gatsby”. You probably have heard about it so many times and maybe you even have watched a movie with handsome Leonardo DiCaprio (which I still haven’t watched yet), but I got this book about three years ago, and I need to be honest here, I was not interested in it at first. It took me all these years to finally get my hands on it and to finish it, but as soon as I did I changed my mind completely.

The story of a man who was in love with only one woman his entire life, how he was ready to do anything to make her his wife. And it only in the end that you understand what Great of a man Gatsby was.

Another important part of this book is how perfectly written this book is. Fitzgerald’s writing style is goals, especially if you are a Journalism student and an aspiring writer.


I hope you are feeling more inspired now to go and actually read something or maybe one of three books that I recommend you to read. If so, then my main goal was accomplished and I may go read the fourth book of this year, which I’ll tell you about in my next LM Book Club post.

Love, Leila.