August in Munich

art, Europe, Germany, Leila Mekhdiyeva, Munich, photography, summer, travel

IMG_08091 IMG_08041
IMG_07801 IMG_07921
IMG_08841 IMG_08731
IMG_08191 IMG_08141
IMG_08401 IMG_08621

Summer 2017 definitely was one of the busiest in my life. The month of June I spent doing my summer course in the Art of Storytelling at uni; July completing my internship; and finally my August was all chill and fun, so I booked myself a ticket to Munich and went there all alone to finally enjoy summer vacation. Well, almost. I actually had my camera with me, which was there to capture Bavarian urban life.

I eventually forgot about these pictires because of how busy my last semester was. It was my last one so I was focusing more on my classes than my hobbies/passions (creative writing and photography), but it’s better late than never, right?

Hope to be back here with some new travel photos or a new story of mine soon.

Love Leila.


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