Never Stop Creating New SH*T

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(Pull & Bear bomber jacket, Zara crop top, Pull & Bear high waisted jeans, H&M boots, Forever 21 bag, Michael Kors watch)

Take a deep breath and create.

I finally feel how inspiration and creativity are running through my veins, expressing themselves in every single thing I do.

I’ve lost myself and I’ve created a new one, ‘cuz being the same person your entire life is extremely boring. So now I try to listen to Her, this new person I’m becoming, and to let go of all the things that I was doing for the last few years that didn’t truly belong to me and will never be part of Her.

You can never find yourself, you can only create. The same way you create your art in life. And as I’ve already met Her, I need to organize my life for you to meet Her as well. But I promise, you’ll love Her, as I already do. Because, she’s the one who lets me be free, crazy, wild and real.

As a new chapter of my life is about to be opened, My-new-Self is about to emerge.

Love, Leila.


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