Magic Is Something You Make

autumn, Czech Republic, daily outfit, Europe, fall, Leila Mekhdiyeva, look of the day, Prague







(Pull & Bear bomber jacket, Kira Plastinina top, Sradivarius skirt, Stradivarius booties)

 How far can you get if you choose not to stop? What if you choose to keep fighting, to keep believing in yourself, when no one else does? Where will you find yourself if you choose to run away from the reality that no longer feels right for you?

I’ll tell you what, nobody knows the answers. Nobody, but you. However, what I now for sure is that this life is all you have. There will be no second chance to live it right, to do what you love, to be happy, to be in love, to feel all the emotions life offers, and to find all the right answers. Therefore, if your reality doesn’t feel like something you desire, be strong enough to walk away from it or, even, run as fast as you can, if it will be needed, until you get where you feel that you belong.

And stop looking for all the answers in the world, ‘cuz you already know them. Just let your soul free and you’ll see the magic.


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