What A Time To Be Alive










(Zara crop top, Topshop high waisted skirt, Michael Kors watch, Stradivarius loafer, sunglasses from shop in Malaysia)

 I’ve been thinking a lot lately of how happy and grateful I am for everything that I have. Of course, I have my own ups and downs, as all of us, I have my own stories no one must know about, I have my own wounds as a reminder to how once I cared too much and it hurt me more than I ever thought it could. I have all that, but at the end of the day, I am happy.

All those sad and painful moments helped me to become a better person, helped me to open up my eyes and see how beautiful this world is and that it’s waiting for me. So I decided to follow my dream and to work hard to get where I wanna be. But one thing that I’ve learned only this year is that in order to become even happier I must let new people in. I must stop fighting with myself and my feelings, because of being scared to feel the pain again. I must trust as if I’ve never been betrayed. And most importantly, I must let myself love again, as if my heart was never broken.


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